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Cloud based restaurant management and POS system


Cloud based restaurant management and POS system


A flexible POS system that will meet all your needs

Simphony is a new generation versatile and flexible restaurant management and automation solution, which can manage single or multiple establishments. The software is compatible with Android operating system and all tablets that meet certain requirements. It can adapt to a wide variety of products and services and can also be specialized. Thanks to Simphony, restaurants and chains that grows or planning to grow can go on expanding without infrastructural restrictions. A restaurant, which is new to the chain can connect to the central server and start serving as soon as possible.

Benefits of Simphony

It allows more than one concepts in a single space. Thus, it uses single software for table service, quick service (fast food), cafes and takeaway services and so on.

You do not need to buy a separate license for each unit. It enables recently opened restaurants to be operative as soon as possible. In this way, you save time and cost.

All units in the chain can access the same customer data from the same database. Thus it provides consistency in terms of customer relationship management.

By providing real-time and instant data, it facilitates the control by the center for each ring within the chain.

It minimizes the IT system and infrastructure complexity to the lowest level. Thus, it reduces technology infrastructure costs and causes a reduction in costs.

It prevents inconsistency between the menu, products, and prices for all member restaurants in the chain.

Since it uses the same interface for all restaurants within the chain, it minimizes the training costs and times.

It operates hassle-free for customers and guests and enables you to utilize fully mobile application advantages.

It’s a compact solution that can meet your loss prevention, brand loyalty, gift card, campaign, promotion, labor force, inventory and reservation management needs.