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Restaurant Management and POS System


Restaurant Management and POS System


Increase the efficiency of your staff to the highest level

MICROS RES 3700 is a flexible and versatile restaurant management and POS software to meet all
needs of restaurants from the largest ones to the smallest ones. It achieves basic skills such as receiving order and reservation and complex operations such as customer relations management, stock tracking, loyalty programs and promotion creation, targeting customers by segmenting them. It shortens the service time by accelerating the order transfer and coordination between the kitchen and service staff and saves time and paves the way for a customer satisfaction.

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MICROS RES 3700 Features

It automates the table reservation, orders, and member of staff monitoring.

Increases profitability by decreasing costs caused by losses.

Thanks to its modular structure, it can extend and shape to your facility needs.

It minimizes the margin of error for frequently used operations such as order taking, booking, ordering and delivery service and improves the productivity.

It can easily be integrated with peripherals such as barcode scanners, scales, display or printer.

It is compatible and interoperable with stock tracking and management systems.

personalYou can monitor and evaluate the performance and productivity of your staff thanks to its staff tracking feature.

It alerts you with a pager or e-mail about the restaurants if anything non-standard happens.

It enables you to calculate labor costs easily and schedule your staff programs more productively.