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Access Control Systems


Access Control Systems

Gantner Access Control Systems

Gantner Access control systems are used to provide security and gain control over lockers, safes, devices, entrances and check-points in facilities of any kind or any size. They can perform identification processes using RFID chips, finger print scanner and NFC technology. It can be used for both the staff and the guests. They don’t only improve security but also collect data. It is suitable for all kinds of facilities including spa&wellness, fitness centers, aqua parks, holiday villages, libraries, hospitals, university campuses and similar compound.

Gantner Advantages 

Provides control over access and check-points.

Helps to collect data about movements of both the staff and the guests.

It helps analyzing the usage of facilities and services inside the compound and organize the workforce more efficiently.

Simultaneously provides data to 3rd party analyzing and reporting tools letting them to operate more efficiently. Helps guest profiling and segmentation efforts.

Leads to a decrease in staff and security expenses through automation.

It can easily integrate with other systems in the facility, especially reservation systems.