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Sports Center

Efficient facilities, satisfied guests

Sports Center

Efficient facilities, satisfied guests

Overcome Obstacles Just Like An Athlete
Improve your performance with the right products

No matter how big and crowded your facility is, you can overcome even the biggest difficulties with professional assistance and the right solutions. You can gain full control over entry-exit-access points with Gantner access control systems. With Reservation Assistant that reduces workload of the staff and waiting period of the customers you can make use of features that will increase efficiency of the property and profitability.

Sports Facility

Preventing chaos arising from crowd in facilities like stadiums and basketball courts. Increasing efficiency and control over the facility.

Golf Course

Reducing waste of time labor force in efforts of managing facilities with vast areas such as golf courses.

Fitness Center

Monitoring and reporting the performance of facility’s sections. Creating and managing promotion campaigns and coupons.

Gantner Access Control Systems

Nothing moves in your property without you noticing

Gantner provides solutions regarding entry exit control, payment systems and locking systems in health clubs, fitness clubs, pools and golf courses. With the support of RFID information carrier and fingerprint sensors, it provides full control and identification at entry-exit and access points in your SPA center.

Micros Restaurant POS Solutions

Single solution for multiple problems

Micros is a versatile and flexible restaurant management and POS solution that can satisfy all the needs of all restaurants from largest to smallest.

Reservation Assistant
Choice of World-Leading Brands in the Sector

It is being used by 600 hotels and resorts around the world. It manages reservations and allocates the personnel required for a specific service. Reservation Assistant organizes the facility and the staff to increase efficiency. It also has the capabilities that would assist sales and marketing efforts.