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Coffee Shop & Tea House

Solutions that are as integrated as bagel and tea

Coffee Shop & Tea House

Solutions that are as integrated as bagel and tea

Easy To Install Dynamic Solutions

Ease at Management and Detailed Reporting

We have solutions regarding the management of your teahouse or café of any size and concept. Whether it is a comprehensive or a flexible solution that you seek, Simphony and industry-leading MICROS comes to your assistance. With additional features as MyMICROS, Breeze, Clickrest, E-transformation obtain efficiency close to perfection in every step from the stocks of your restaurant to the plate of your guest.


Cloud based restaurant management system

Simphony is suitable for restaurants of any size and concept with single or multiple establishments. It has the abilities of taking, transferring orders and increasing personnel’s coordination. Its other capabilities are, but not limited to, recognizing combo menus and calculating discounts, receiving mobile orders and reservations. Simphony is cloud-based but can go on working even when internet access problems arise.

Micros Restaurant POS Solutions

Single solution for multiple problems

Micros is a versatile and flexible restaurant management and POS solution that can satisfy all the needs of all restaurants from largest to smallest.

ClickSuite Business intelligence solutions

Handle the business from wherever you are

ClickRest is an internet-based business intelligence and reporting solution that helps you track your restaurant and staff’s performance wherever you are. You can track such details as the number of tabs opened, the most selling product, the employee who makes the maximum sales, and the branch that has the best revenue. As it is internet-based, it is cost efficient and flexible. It is suitable for any kind of business, single or chain. It is easily used on all kinds of systems such as PCs, tablets, Android or iOS and works integrated with MICROS.


Solutions for all your property needs in online environment

You can use our expert team for creating your own web page to make the most of the online environment and to have AdWords advertising service where competition is very harsh and for further needs. You can market your hotel in many online travel agencies and instantly update your room availability in all platforms. You can sell your rooms at right channel, right time and right price with our pricing service.


All records are electronically registered

Keep pace with the information age with e-invoice, e-archive, e-ledger as well as special integrator service provided by Protel. Protect yourself from risks such as loss and damage by storing your critical documents such as invoices and bill of lading in an electronic environment.

Portal Plus - e-Invoice

PortalPLUS e-Invoice application is used by 250 business organizations thanks to its industry-specific functions and user-friendly interface that provides central management opportunity for the chain businesses that manages their processes of electronic invoice control, sending them to the recipient and status follow-up and receiving and recording that are within the hotel and restaurant management systems.

Portal Plus - e-Ledger

You can create e-ledger, e-ledger certificate from the accounting records that are issued in the standards set by the Revenue Administration and approving the e-ledger and certificate with the e-signature or financial stamp of the taxpayer and retaking and monitoring the certificates approved by Revenue Administration through PortalPlus e-ledger solution.

Portal Plus - e-Archive

The businesses, which use PortalPLUS, may manage their processes of sending e-archive invoices, issued in the supported channels to the Revenue Administration system and their recipients through e-mail via PortalPLUS.

Special Integrator Service

Protel provides special integrator services for your e-Invoice applications.

Payment Recorder Device

Having been entered force with Law no 3100 by being published in the Official Gazette in 1984, Cash Registers (CR) refer to the devices which must be used by the taxpayers and issue approved documents for the transactions as required by the same law. It involves another important step in the e-transformation project along with the 69-70 communiqués, which are published in 2012.

Portal Plus - BS Module

The sales invoices are collected in a central database that is issued in the channels that relate to the PortalPlus through PortalPlus BS module and BS form is prepared by consolidating with Tax No/TR-ID No.

Business Solutions

Fully integrated business solutions

Now, it is very easy to follow up, report and invoice all transactions such as payments, buying and selling, stock input-output thanks to Netsis, Logo, Portal, and Materials Control. The business solutions offered by Protel meet your supply-demand chain and automation needs.

MCMaterials Control(MC)
It is specifically developed for the hospitality industry. It provides real-time inventory and cost management. It improves the consistency and effectiveness of your inventory control.
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Specifically designed for SME, Logo products manage the processes such as corporate resource management, supply-demand chain automation, customer relations.
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It provides coordination between front office, stock-cost control management, MICROS and other commercial software. It minimizes the loss of time, human error, and information inconsistency.
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