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Protel, who makes an effort of creating added value for hospitality sector provide solutions for sector’s problems. As Protel, we believe that education is a crucial part of the solution. That’s why we provide the trainings needed for our products or needed in the sector here with anyone who has an interest in them.

Reinforce your infrastructure with training.

For managers of all levels

We apply multiple models to increase the efficiency and accessibility of or products. With e-learning model we intend to get maximum coverage, sharing our trainings with not only hospitality employees and managers but also with anyone who has internet access and also has an interest in them. With applied trainings we intend to maximize the efficient use of our products, informing or access as many people as possible via the internet with webinars.

Protel Academy “e-Learning”


We have established Protel Academy to provide online training for hospitality sector employees, managers or anyone who are interested in our products.
With this platform, which is intended to ease the access to information you can get a training wherever you have internet access.

“Applied Training” Model

Our applied class trainings are fashioned in multiple formats:

  • Product trainings exclusive to enterprises
  • Product or sector related trainings that are open to public
  • Product or sector related trainings that are open to public in webinar format

Our class trainings are conducted in your establishment’s trainings rooms or our training affiliates Educos Academy’s classes according to your preference.


You can enhance your performance with the right products.

Protel Academy has three different certifications according to demand, which are individual, specific to company or public.

  • Online training attendance and accomplishment certificate
  • User training competency certificate
  • Trainer level competency certificate (exclusive to lecturers)

Contact us to get detailed information about our trainings


We are reorganizing our Project of Supporting Education and Employment in Tourism under the Protel Academy framework. Our affiliation with more than 150 educational institutions still continues..

To receive free license, installation, training and support service all you need do is to provide a certified trainer and the infrastructure/hardware needed to conduct trainings in your company. Certification of our valued academicians is free within the scope of the project.

After the signing of “Educational License and Confidentiality Agreement”, installation of the product will be conducted by an IT representative with the support of our technical staff.