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Property Management System


Property Management System

Suite8 Property Management System

Single solution for all your hotel management needs.

Suite8 is versatile hotel management solution that has a wide range of features. It is designed with a guest-centric perspective. Therefore, it gets involved in and improves all processes including hotel search, reservations, pre-accommodation communication, check-in, services, check-out and post-accommodation communication.
Combining the entire needs of a hotel with a guest-centric system, Suite8 can help you manage a restaurant, housekeeping, catering events and sales and marketing activities. Suite8 collects detailed data on about the preference and behavior of the guest at every phase of the reservation and accommodation. Thus, you can maintain your customer relations and loyalty management based on a data and in a more effective manner. Thanks to these features, you can monitor and manage all the processes in your hotel and enhance efficiency and profitability.

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Benefits of Suite8

It enables you to do reservation operations in an easier and faster manner and minimizes the human error and lets you manage all customer profiles from a single center.

It provides a holistic and versatile perspective by addressing the data, collected in a single center, in the aspects of customer relations, staff and hotel facility management.

You can shape it to your needs thanks to its flexible structure. It is suitable for use in accommodation facilities of all sizes.

Has free, special modules that you can track the maintenance issues, customer demands, complaints, and surveys.

It is suitable for management of the front office, personnel and all the whole property.

It enables detailed management of internal hotel facilities, meeting and banquet events.

It creates reports that you can customize.

It automatically calculates travel agency commissions, identifying discounts and apply flexible billing.

Enables all chain hotels to monitor the customer profiles, reservations, and availability status by sharing database for the chain hotels.