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The Most Diligent Manager of Your Hotel


The Most Diligent Manager of Your Hotel

Opera Hotel Management System

Opera Hotel management system (PMS) is suitable for the management of all sizes and types of accommodation facilities. It saves time by automating the basic front office operations such as reservation, check-in and check-out, minimizes the human error and provides a detailed report about the operation of business processes about the facility and personnel. This way, you can identify the ineffective operations and processes and take early precautions for the possible problems.

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Advantages Of Opera

1You can save time from all front office operations thanks to express check-in and checkout

4Automatically create periodical reports and send through e-mail.

7It can be integrated with 3rd party revenue management software.

2Advanced and automatic pricing options such as daily price, special price, the base price and dynamic pricing.

5Creating promotions and campaigns by segmenting the customers by their characteristics and preferences.

8Organizing housekeeping by the conditions of the rooms.

3Creating and storing customer profiles, containing detailed data.

6It may be integrated with thousands of third party solutions, 80+ channel managers. Also compatible with e-invoice, e-archive and e-transformation.


Hundreds of preset report formats and configurable reports.

Modules That Operate with Opera

MCOpera Central Reservation System (ORS)
It is a reservation module, designed for chain hotels. It ensures express assessment of inquiries that arrive at the call centers and automatically adding reservation into the operate system for the relevant hotels by creating call centers.

Opera Multi-Propertyportal
Opera multi-property enables storing guest information of all hotels within the chain on a single
central server. This way, it provides the advantage of adding your new operations into the system easily and without any further hardware costs for each business.

Opera Sales & Catering Management (SC)
It works in integration with the opera management system and helps organize catering and sales activities. It stores and reports the data about the visit notes and negotiations of the sales team together with monitoring and making changes and adjustments in real time regarding the organizations within the Opera.

Opera Customer Information System (OCIS)Logo
It is a solution, offered by Opera for hotels or chains that apply for customer loyalty programs. It manages your loyalty program by enabling your guests to earn points or coupons and spend them on the free accommodation, gift accommodation, upgrading their rooms or on gift products.

netsisOpera Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales Force Automation directs to the most suitable hotel and provides information by identifying the sales opportunities and potentials. Similarly, it manages the reservations in real time by monitoring the occupancy rates of the catering departments of the chain member facilities such as seminar and conference hall.

Opera Web Services (OWS)
It is an integrated web interface family, designed to ease access to the OPERA database by using web technology. Opera Web Services provide a fully integrated structure for other applications that operate with Opera and its modules.

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