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Materials Control

Stock Tracking and Managing System

Materials Control

Stok Tracking and Managing System

Materials Control (MC)

Materials Control (MC) is a solution that lets your track and manage your stocks in real-time. It also optimizes your stocking costs. It compares the actual situation of the stock to projected stocks, notices the relevant staff when stocks decrease to critical levels and tracks outage and loss levels. It ensures that ordering and stocking processes run smoothly and seamlessly. Thus providing enough stocks all the time and helps more efficient calculation of critical values like cost-of-sales, cost of stocks and revenue. Also decreases the cost of stocks, outages and losses.

Benefits of Materials Control (MC)

Calculates costs of losses, outages and stocks in real-time. Tracks stock levels on a regular basis. When the stocks decrease to a critical level the system reminds the relevant staff to place new orders.

Compares the prices and foresees the effect of placed buying orders on budget.

Evaluates the suppliers by comparison of the prices.

Tracks the stocking conditions such as ambient temperature, expiration dates, and stocked volume.

Manages the ordering, buying and stocking processes so that meet budget projections.

Work integrated to MICROS POS system and removes sold products or ingredients immediately.

Has a B2B interface, which makes processes like placing and tracking an order faster and easier.

Calculates the stock costs efficiently in situations, where multiple branches, currencies and fiscal systems are involved.

Includes the stock costs into whole budget calculations for you to create more profitable menus.