Tourism Training

Support for Tourism Training and Improvement of Tourism Employment Project

The Oracle data warehouse is required for the Fidelio modules to work on. There are no user limitations for this specially priced academic package. The Oracle Turkey office is to be directly contacted. For detailed information concerning the subject please refer to

It is required that the education institution employs at least one instructor or expert who is adequately equipped to teach the particular course and who has previously attended and fulfilled the requirements of Protel’s cost free certification training sessions. The education institutions that have succeeded in the cost free training sessions are also required to send back a signed and stamped copy of the “License and Confidentiality Agreement for Training Purposes” back to the Protel Istanbul sales office. 

After the signed and stamped copy of the agreement reaches Protel, cost free software CD and documents will be sent to the education institution. It is the self-responsibility of the education institution to ensure that the Fidelio software is installed at its premises.