Protel Training


E-Learning Trainings

We offer several e-learning applications that combine practical and theoretical know-how irrespective of time and location. You can subscribe to our recently established "Protel İnteraktif" website to follow up with our e-learning recordings.

Customized Trainings

Protel also offers trainings that are customized according to the specific needs and requirements of MICROS-Fidelio using enterprises. The content and duration of the training is determined following the receipt of training requests by the Protel Training Department. The trainings are delivered on the date agreed upon by the enterprise and Protel at a venue provided by the enterprise or at the premises of Protel Training Center. 

For your customized training requests you can call the Protel Training Department at 0850 333 77 85 or send an e-mail to

Support for Tourism Training and Improvement of Tourism Employment Project

Since its foundation, Protel has supported the prominent tourism education institutes to broaden and enrich their curriculums with an internationally acceptable and World-leading hotel management system, namely the Fidelio hotel management package that is also compatible with local needs and requirements. Protel’s utmost objective in this is to fulfill its corporate social responsibility to ensure the development of qualified human resources for the tourism industry. 

Our corporate social responsibility project within which we offer the software license and basic user training package free of any cost for the use of education institutions is progressing and expanding every day.