Suite8 Mobile Reports is an application that makes it possible for you to view the service reports and take the necessary actions in a mobile environment from your iPhone. You may view a list of all your expected guests from a single screen and choose a person from the list, access all reservation details and check-in. Similarly, you may view a list of all customers who will be checking-out, with their relevant balances so as to have a fuller control over your operations. Another piece of information that you may view is the room availability showing the maximum and minimum capacity and availability ratios. 

Suite8 Mobile Reports application introduces you to the call tracking report that will improve the quality of service. Thus, you will be able to track the hotel’s maintenance needs and call records according to topics and solve these issues from over the application itself. As for the restaurant business, it is possible to view the table reservation report showing the list of the restaurants and the number of reserved tables. 

You may easily increase the number of reports you view from your iPhone and view all your HTML reports in a mobile environment as well.