Ideally suited for hotel co-operations, small hotel chains and owners of more than one hotel – where exchange of guest profiles is an added benefit but hotels are to remain individual. 

Hotel Connector can link several hotels, for example within a chain or co-operation. One hotel is designated as the master hotel; the so-called “central”, all linked hotels are partner hotels. The tool allows the exchange and synchronisation of guest profiles, individual reservations as well as availability checks in connected hotels. It also offers generating joint statistics. 

Everything at a glance

At first all guest profiles are collected and saved to the local database at the individual hotel. Hotel Connector P&S then allows synchronising and exchanging these profiles, as well as individual access to each connected hotel. The requested profile is shown in the respective local format. Special statistics like Manager Report, Revenue Report or Cross Reference Report can be generated and managed at the central Master Hotel. Users can generate an overview of all hotels and an analysis of the entire chain. 

Room rates and availability can be synchronised among all hotels, if required. Hotel Connector R&A enables checking availability by date, number of adults or children, and reservations in all the connected hotels. It also provides synchronisation of guest profiles. The choice is yours – you decide what will be best.