Suite8 Central Marketing Management


Central Marketing Management (CMM) is a central hospitality management solution fully integrated with Fidelio V8 and developed on the Microsoft CRM 4.0 platform. CMM is specifically designed to enable chain hotels that would like to keep track of guest habits and manage them from a central database as well as offer sophisticated marketing and customer loyalty programs to their guests. Microsoft CRM 4.0 positioned at the basis of CMM, has a two-way integration with the Fidelio V8 front office management. This integration allows for the smooth transfer of all guest behaviours to the CRM database and makes the tracing of guest habits possible.

CMM is composed of several modules such as Profile Management, Guest Loyalty Program, Survey Application, Online Reservation and Sales & Marketing modules. These modules transfer any guest profile registered at a specific property to all other properties of the chain hotel. That specific customer is thus transformed into a recognized customer at each property who will now be served with a consistently high quality of service throughout the chain.

With Central Marketing Management, Hoteliers Can...

  • Keep track of special days such as birthdays, anniversaries and send greeting mails,
  • Store reservation details of guests originating from any property,
  • Collect information regarding revenue making departments and collect a summary of guest consumption habits originating from expenses incurred at any property,
  • Manage guest loyalty bonus points and provide special offers to the guests,
  • Manage guest surveys and store guest details under relevant guest profiles,
  • Create special filters to retrieve information such as "Guest Consumption on department X in property Y that is more than 500 TL" or "All guest complaints about F&B department coming from all properties",
  • Generate activities, tasks, phone calls or marketing lists such as "Top spending 1,000 Guests who have stayed at all properties".


  • The central database provides for operational effectiveness and ease of reporting,
  • A valuable direct relationship will be established between the guest and the hotels,
  • The dependence on “third-parties” to bring in reservations will be diminished over time,
  • Customer–oriented marketing will make the hotel guests feel special, increase satisfaction levels and help the hotel turn them into repeat guests.


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