Suite 8 property management system


The time has come for a new dimension for hotel software. When markets merge, when borders become blurred, when delivery speed and performance determine your profit margin, it is the reaction that makes the difference - your reaction. The most important issues today are the clear definition of your product and the well-defined presentation of your offer to the customer. On the one hand there is an ever-growing specialization in the hotel industry: resort or city hotel, family run boarding house or luxurious spa, deluxe or budget hotel - a trend that will continue. On the other hand our world is forever growing more connected: demand and supply are only one mouse-click away. The task is therefore to be present everywhere and at all times, to utilize all available channels for marketing and distribution, and to react immediately. 

You can do all this with Suite 8 Property Management System, an integrated tool that combines Front Office, Customer Relationship Management, Catering Management, Store Management and electronic distribution channels into one simple and perfect solution. 

Be a part of the future of hotel management! Show the world what you have to offer - online and in real time! Take advantage of e-business! Manage all your profit generating processes in a lean and efficient way! With  Suite 8 Property Management System. This is what the future looks like.

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    Wide range of configuration

    Suite 8 offers a wide range of configuration options, combining user-friendly modules for Customer Relationship Management, Property Management, Conference & Catering Management, Materials Control and Online Booking.

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    Organizes your team

    The Task & Activity function lets you keep track of what the team is doing to make sure deadlines are met.

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    Personalized service

    Suite8 Property Management System puts the focus on the guest, giving your team the information they need to deliver personalised service. Allows you to attach correspondence and activities to guest profiles, giving you access to all relevant information.

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    Perfect for any size of business

    To meet our various customer demands, Suite 8 PMS is available in a Professional or a Small Business Edition.

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    Fully customisable

    You can define your data – screens, reports and functionality – so that it best fits your needs. The system is also compatible with your Microsoft® Office Outlook® and Excel applications.

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    Connects your properties

    Suite 8 Hotel Connector lets you link several hotels. This allows the exchange and synchronisation of guest profiles and individual reservations in connected hotels as well as availability checks.

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    Every department has access to guest profiles

    Every single department in the hotel has access to, and works with, the same guest profiles – making profile handling an automatic part of the everyday business.


Online Booking

This module makes your hotel bookable via your hotel website, making your complete booking options available online.


Restaurant Management

The Table Reservation System lets you allocate and reserve tables in restaurants, bars and lounges according to your guests' preferences.



Depending on your preferences, reports can be written using the Internal Editor, Crystal Report Writer or the integrated Cube Report Builder.


Resort & Leisure capabilities

The fully integrated Resort & Leisure capabilities let you manage every aspect of the guest experience: from restaurant reservations and spa appointments to golf tee-off times or third-party activities.