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Boutique Hotels

Create the personal experience with tailor-made solutions.

Boutique Hotels

Create the personal experience with tailor-made solutions.

Boutique Applications for Boutique Hotels

MA more personalized experience for your guests

Besides improving profitability and efficiency of a property, we have solutions that will take “tailor-made” concept in boutique hotels a step further. Our systems that can track guests’ behavior and habits in the facility can make suggestions in order for you to deliver a better service, inform guests and make event suggestions. You will strengthen your operation infrastructure with our inventory tracking, reporting, business intelligence and e-transformation products.

Micros POS Solutions

Single solution for multiple problems

Micros is a versatile and flexible restaurant management and POS solution that can satisfy all the needs of all restaurants from largest to smallest.


Cloud based restaurant management system

Simphony is suitable for restaurants of any size and concept with single or multiple establishments. It has the abilities of taking, transferring orders and increasing personnel’s coordination. Its other capabilities are, but not limited to, recognizing combo menus and calculating discounts, receiving mobile orders and reservations. Simphony is cloud-based but can go on working even when internet access problems arise.