Reservation Assistant Spa & Wellness & Golf Reservation System


Operational management tools, which  maintain guest satisfaction and increase efficiency, are becoming more important among spa systems. Reservation Assistant (RA) solution, developed  specially for the one’s who features quality and guest satisfaction, improves service quality and profitibility of spa, wellness and health clubs.

Next generation spa solution “Reservation Assistant” provides best solutions through objections. RA has flexible, comprehensive and convenient structure.

Through RA ,which also has special golf and membership modules, enterprise’s whole organization could be managed easily and effectively.

While managing all the reservation processes seamlessly, RA can also  handle with special packages and gift checks for the guests.

RA determines which products and services are favorite, which periods are more preferrable and  which fields need investment. Thus, RA guides long term and short term investments. Thereby, with the source utilization optimization, guests profitibility also restores. RA enlists payment types, payment dates and membership periods that could make the operation controlled and reporting accurate.

RA does not allow errors from human interaction. And also, RA does not allow any kind of mistake  that could be caused by enviromental variables or any forgotten postings that could be occured by the enterprise.

  • RA_languages

    Supports different languages and platforms

    Five continents, 18 languages

    Reservation Assistant is used in five continents and in 18 languages. With 140 interfaces, it easily adapts to every platform. Add-ons such as Web Shop, mobile Apps and Facebook expand your distribution channels.

  • RA_single-access

    Next generation reservation system

    All in one reservation tool

    Reservation Assistant offers all the key functions in a single package: it allows you to manage the software, make reservations, prepare account statements, schedule staff, and draw up the most important reports to financially manage your business.

  • RA_smart-functions

    More than a reservation software

    Smart functions

    Reservation Assistant suggests the most suitable employee for an activity. It responds to special guest wishes and it will impress you with many other functions. RA add-on modules leave almost nothing to be desired.



Facebook Booking App

Use Social Media for Sales

Simply integrate Reservation Assistant Facebook add-on into your Facebook page – customers are then able to use it to book treatments, purchase products or gift certificates.


Mobile App

Boost Sales With Mobility

Reservation Assistant Mobile App offers the right choices: via smartphone or tablet, your guests can book spa treatments, purchase wellness products or vouchers as a give-away, which are then emailed to the recipient.


Online Reservation / Web Shop

Boost After Hours Sales

Integrate Reservation Assistant Web Shop into your web site and your guests can book their treatments online, purchase goods and gift certificates after hours.


Digital Signage

Marketing in Real-Time

Digital Signage is an efficient in-house marketing system. It allows you to freely manage and optimally book times available for treatments and activities. Screens placed at the check-in or at other highly frequented spots, offer your members information on current offers.