Protel Quality Management


We know that you have chosen to work with us and employ our solutions mainly because you want to be better at your business, boost customer satisfaction and thus progress along the way to becoming a highly rated and appreciated enterprise. 

We, on the other hand, have set ourselves a single objective of making sure that you are perfectly satisfied with our products and services in order to help you achieve your own objectives. Our “Customer Relations Department” works for this end since its establishment. The Customer Relations Department uses the below-listed control and quality measurement tools in assessing the satisfaction levels of our customers:

  • Installation Appraisal / Control
  • Training Control
  • Efficiency Appraisal
  • Customer Call
  • Customer Visit
  • Call Survey
  • Call recording control and analysis
  • Turn of duty telephone control
  • Analysis and control of access to call center
  • Statistical analysis and control of call center performance
  • Daily control of open cases and reports

We use all of these tools so as to measure the level of the quality of service provided by us to yourselves and by yourselves to your customers. It is also through these tools that we aim to assist you in increasing the level of customer satisfaction and grabbing a bigger share of the market you compete in by employing the technological advances and changes we believe to be essential for your success . 

As the Customer Relations Department we have conducted about 400 Installation Appraisal / Control visits in total. During each one of these visits, we have tried to assess whether the installation was properly conducted or not as well as the efficiency levels of the products you have purchased from us. We have shared our evaluations and recommendations concerning your operations as well as global benchmarks at comparable enterprises all over the World. Therefore, we have also had the precious opportunity of continuously assessing and improving our own installation related work processes. 

The Customer Relations Department is the inner voice of our customers in Protel! We try to take on our customers’ perspective on every issue we consider. We use and aim to use in the future, your thoughts and recommendations in order to improve our operations and add new functionalities to our products. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you that we take pride in the positive feedbacks we get from customers and that these are a great motivational factor for our team. 

We will continue to call and visit you in the future. In case you would like to meet with us before we come to meet you, we would be more than glad to turn your meeting request into a scheduled meeting.

  • If you think that the performance of your product does not meet your expectations,, 
  • If you have questions concerning implementation or reports,, 
  • if you are not fully satisfied, 

or if you simply want to share your thoughts and comments with us then you can reach us through our Call Center at 0850 333 77 85 or e-mail us at