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Reservation Assistant

Choice of world-leading brands in SPA&wellness sector

Reservation Assistant

Choice of world-leading brands in SPA&wellness sector

Reservation Assistant

Reservation Assistant is is a very versatile reservation and membership management software, suitable for golf courses, SPA&wellness centers, fitness centers and alike. It speeds up and automates operations like reservation arrangements and management. Allocates the staff and materials that is needed for a massage or other service. It operates and manages reservations to achieve greatest efficiency in your facility.

Advantages of Reservation Assistant

Saves time during processes such as reservations or allocating staff.

Creates routine reports and sends them any an electronic device of your choice.

Identifies more and less demanded services, facilities and times to direct your investments smart and organize your staff efficiently.

Increases profitability by more efficient use of resources and facilities.

Visual and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

It’s an efficient tool for customer relations and loyalty management.

Add-on modules for Reservation Assistant

Facebook Reservation Module

Integrates into your enterprise’s Facebook page and lets your customers make reservations via

Online reservation/Web shop

Enables your customers to make reservations via internet and make reservations for other people as a gift.

Mobile App

A mobile app that enables customers to make reservations via mobile devices.

Digital Signage

Broadcasts the occupancy, promotions and campaigns of the facilities in the hotel or resort,through monitors in the lobby or in the rooms.