Protel Portal Interface Software


The Portal Interface Software is a software that ensures information flow between MICROS-Fidelio’s front office, Materials Control and myinventory modules and MICROS 3700 solutions and commercial sofware such Logo, Netsis, Axapta, Mikro, Link, vb.

Similar information being entered into two separate software results in a loss of workforce efficiency, potential user mistakes as well as inconsistencies between the systems. 

In order to remove these problems and integrate MICROS-Fidelio with commonly used commercial software Protel has developed the Portal Interface Software enriched with new features which was formerly known as FIGALO. 


Ensures an integration in between:

  • FIDELIO front office module (DOS, Suite7, Suite8, OPERA) and commercial software,
  • FIDELIO Materials Controls  (MC) and myinventory modules and commercial software,
  • MICROS 3700 solution and commercial software.

Fidelio Front Office – Commercial Software

Following the night audit in Fidelio Front Office software, Portal Interface software undertakes the following actions:

  • Forming of a billing registry of daily income and VAT amounts based on a parameter or accounting registry based on the principle of accrual,
  • Tranfer of payments by guests staying at the hotel (cash, credit card, bank transfer, etc.),
  • Transfer of pre-payments or advance payments made before the arrival of the guest,
  • Transfer of payments made in the name of the guests,
  • Tranfer of the exchange transactions carried out during the day, 
  • Transfer of the cash transactions carried out in between the Front Office and the Accounting Department during and at the end of the day,
  • Transfer of the expenditures made by the Front Office,
  • Transfer of accounting registries for individual / compant accounts moved to the current account and payments taken from current accounts to the commercial softwares.

The above listed transfers take place daily or at pre-determined time intervals.

Materials Control – Commercial Software

Information transferred from the Materials Control module to the commercial software are as follows:

  • Procurement and return bills,
  • End-of period consumption amounts,
  • Transfers between warehouses.

The bills transferred to the procurement module via the Portal Interface are entered into the accounting system at pre-determined time intervals under user control.

MICROS 3700 – Commercial Software

Information transferred from MICROS 3700 to the commercial software as follows:

  • Daily food & beverage sales and VAT amounts,
  • Payments (cash, credit card, etc.),
  • Current account transactions followed up through the GSS module. 


It is a software developed for the purpose of ensuring information flow from different softwares being used at the company to commercial softwares as well as ensuring integration between these software or customization of our standart portals for the private use by a certain company. 

For the Customized Portal software company needs and requests are analyzed and a tailor-made projects time line is formed based on special requirements.