Opera Vision


Vision for OPERA is a reporting add-on to the OPERA Hotel Suite of products to allow for powerful reporting directly into Microsoft Excel. Whether you are wanting to have your daily manager's report in a particular format, or want to reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on month end reporting, Vision for OPERA can help you extract OPERA data directly into your pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet. 

Creating new reports is easy with a plain english, easy to understand wizard. Once created, reports can also be scheduled to be automatically printed or emailed using the Vision for OPERA Alert module. Conditional alerting will ensure reports are only sent if the data is relevant. For example, the General Manager may only wish to see the monthly forecast if average occupancy is less than 50%. If this condition occurs, the report will be automatically sent. 

Sophisticated Reporting

  • Get access to all information within OPERA with an easy to understand user interface.
  • Set dynamic filters to automatically update your spreadsheets.
  • User rights will mean only those with access to particular data can access it.

  • save-time

    Save Time

    No more manual Excel spreadsheet updates, increased accuracy as data is pulled directly from Opera. Use Vision Alert module to automatically send reports to required users.

  • save-cost

    Save Costs

    Save labour cost of manually managing spreadsheets for reporting, better identify business problems areas and remedy before they happen, base decisions on more accurate and timely data.