OPERA Sales and Catering (S&C) is a full-featured S&C system that is seamlessly integrated with the OPERA Property Management System (PMS) and the OPERA Reservation System (ORS). A single database is shared by both OPERA Sales and Catering and OPERA PMS.

OPERA Sales and Catering removes the artificial barriers that exist with interfaced Sales and PMS systems, including the problems and complexity that derive from the need to create, link, and update records in multiple systems.

OPERA Sales and Catering/PMS integration also enables a unified selling and inventory strategy for the hotel or chain. With a single inventory to monitor and control, the organization can more effectively include the goals of the Sales and Catering department in the overall sales and inventory strategy.



Seamless Integration

OPERA Sales and Catering offers interfaces to many popular third-party systems including electronic reader boards, yield management tools, meeting space layout applications, and fax/email communications systems.


Campaign Management

Use this set of features to launch and monitor Sales campaigns. You can create targeted distribution lists that pull data from the OPERA database and prepare email sales messages or printed merge documents.


Account, Contact, and Activity Management

OPERA Sales and Catering’s full array of client and account relationship management features support the Sales effort. Property configurable account and contact profiles collect information that speeds bookings and data analysis.


Group Bookings

Sales and Catering business blocks are the central records for all types of group bookings including catering events and tour series They combine tools for managing the catering features of a booking (e.g., function spaces, and food and beverage needs) along with sleeping room reservations.


Potential Feature

The Potential feature allows Sales personnel to build budgets for each account. The Potential records define, in detail, expected room nights, room revenue, food and beverage revenue, and other revenue per period and per destination. Production figures can be manually or automatically updated and compared to Potential data.


Reports and Data Queries

OPERA Sales and Catering offers more than 50 standard reports that make it easy to analyse the wealth of information stored in the OPERA database. Data extraction tools let users create customized database queries for creating mail merges, for input to spreadsheets, and many other uses.

OPERA Sales & Catering Features

  • Catering and Events

S&C features include a complete set of tools for scheduling events and providing catering services. Function space reservations, menu selection and customisation, providing resource items such as decorations and AV equipment, and inventory control are all managed by OPERA Sales and Catering. The catering module offers revenue forecast reports and a complete selection of customisable documents such as banquet event orders and catering contracts.

  • Microsoft Outlook and Email Integration

OPERA Sales and Catering includes Microsoft Outlook integration for sharing contacts and activities between S&C and Outlook’s Contacts and Tasks folders. In addition, while working with activities, accounts, and contacts, users can access email features without leaving OPERA.

All-in-one screen displays provide single-point access to key information Sales staffs need throughout the day to manage accounts, contacts, bookings, events, and production statistics. Drill-down features take the user to all major S&C functionality directly from the dashboards.

  • Banquet Posting

Because of the total integration of OPERA Sales and Catering and OPERA PMS, catering event charges can be posted directly from S&C to the PMS billing module.

  • Function Diary

The Function Diary is a graphical display of events by function space, offering views by the hour, day, or week. Drill down features give access to information on business blocks, events, event status, accounts, availability, and other data.