M-Reports for PMS developed by Protel, is a mobile reporting application that provides access to reports stored in your hotel management system over your mobile handheld device. 

The M-Reports application running on  BlackBerry and Java-based mobile devices, enables hotel managers to instantly view reports owing to a real time data flow between the hotel management system and their mobile devices. 

Reports run according to defined rights in terms of individuals and groups. Thus, you can ensure that management reports and reports about VIP’s staying at the hotel, for example, are viewed by different employees. 

Below please find some of the reports that managers can access from their mobile devices:

  • Management Report
  • Past and Forecast Reports
  • Market and Past Forecast Reports
  • Agency Statistics - Top 10
  • Company Statistics - Top 10
  • Country Statistics – Top 10
  • Control Panel
  • Enterprise Status
  • Daily Sales & Catering List
  • VIP Arrivals
  • VIP Departures
  • VIP Staying
  • Out of Order / Out of Service Rooms

Why M-Reports?

M-Reports offers a unique solution for enterprise managers who would like to keep a close eye on their business, get faster reports wherever and whenever they want and use their time in a more efficient way. Hotel managers using this solution can view preferred hotel information whenever and whereever they want.