Opera Property Management System


OPERA hotel managament system works in integration with market leading interactive marketing platforms. Euromessage permitted e-marketing platform ensures sending e-mails and online surveys without falling into SPAM folders; sending SMS and MMS’s and getting detailed data reports about criteria such as reading, ticking, etc. Euromessage’s multi-language support makes it possible to send messages and surveys in guests’ own languages.

What are the benefits of OPERA - Euromessage integration;

  • OPERA functions such as reservation, check-in and check-out can be set to trigger automatic sending of e-mail and / or other types of messages to the guests from within the system.
  • The most recent data can be used when sending batch e-mails and other types of message as a result of the fact that data transfer from the OPERA data base to the Euromessage platform is in real time.
  • Different types of interactive marketing campaigns (SMS, MMS, e-mail, online survey, etc.) can be designed on a single platform.
  • Online surveys can be used to get feedback from guests, the results of which can directly be transferred to the relevant fields in the system to be immediately compiled and analyzed.
  • Profile details can be used to send automatically triggered messages. Automatic campaigns may be defined depending on many criteria of your guests such as birthday date, wedding anniversary, and demographic information. These kinds of personalized messages are very critical for improving customer satisfaction as well as positively impacting your brand name.