Opera Customer  Information System


OCIS, the OPERA Customer Information System, gathers and manages guest, travel agent, source, group, and company profile data in a central database that can be shared by multiple properties.

OCIS collects demographic information (mail and email addresses, phone numbers, etc.), complete stay details, production data, and revenue statistics. 

  • Seamless Integration with Other OPERA Systems

As part of the OPERA family of products, OCIS is completely interoperable with all OPERA products including ORS, SFA, PMS, S&C, OWS, and GDS.

  • Multiple Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc.

An unlimited number of mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, membership IDs, etc., may be associated with each profile. Specific contact information may be designated as “primary” for the profile.

  • Centralised Memberships Program Management

Membership program administration features automatically collect stays, nights, and revenue data from PMSs for administration of programs. OCIS Memberships supports bonus points and promotions, monitors membership tier qualifications, and tracks award point consumption.

  • Profile Relationships for Rate Entitlements and Commissions

Affiliations between guests and companies, agencies, groups, or sources can be recorded in guest profiles to allow the guest to access negotiated rates. Agents and source profiles may be configured to specify commissions to be paid when the profile is associated with a reservation.

  • iCIS

This front-end application offers guests and administrators an ID and password secured self-service Web interface to OCIS. Using this interface they may update their profiles and check their membership account status.

OPERA Customer Information System Modules

  • membership

    Membership module

    OCIS Memberships module supports virtually any type of “frequent flyer” or loyalty program. OCIS can be used strategically by the hotel or chain to support Sales efforts and to enhance customer relationship management.

  • profile-match

    Advanced Match and Merge

    Hotel chains can minimize profile duplicates by using the Match & Merge feature. Customisable merge rules can be configured to determine whether or not possible duplicate profiles should be automatically merged, remain as separate profiles, or manually reviewed.

  • profiles

    Profile Subscriptions

    Profiles are kept up to date through out the chain through a sophisticated subscription module. Subscribed profiles may be managed centrally and by designated local properties.


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