MYMICROS.NET RESTAURANT REPORTING PORTAL is a content rich Internet portal for the restaurant industry that includes access to hosted applications for point-of-sale, back office, data warehousing, business intelligence and other business applications and content creating the next-generation model of restaurant enterprise systems and extending the capability for existing MICROS customers. 

The portal will allow restaurant and enterprise managers to create a 'myPage' personalized dashboard for their operations: real-time reports on the business metrics of their choosing, continually available from the data warehouse via their Internet connection. This capability allows management to monitor sales, promotions, and labour and make changes to the restaurant's menus and prices from a web browser anywhere, at any time. 

Through this single site, restaurant operators will be able to access an unlimited amount of information and perform a variety of important tasks. As with other Internet portals, will include traditional news, weather and calendar content. Simple and easy to use back-office functionality is also included, such as human resources, payroll, scheduling, ordering and inventory valuation. will be an extension of the MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series 3000 and the Large Enterprise Solution 9000 making it the most complete Internet portal created exclusively for the hospitality industry. offers outstanding benefits to both independent and chain restaurant operations. Independent restaurant owners and chain operators can experience a freedom they have never had before. Using this Internet technology, they have access to their operations' real-time data from a web browser - any time and anywhere. They can make adjustments to pricing, menu items, or inventory from across the street or across the country - all they'll need to do is log onto the web.


  • An elegant yet very powerful data warehouse that is easily mined with a simple web browser.


  • Provide an easy way to set-up and manage gift cards and point-based loyalty programs with complete reporting through


  • Easy-to-use and robust inventory application for managing inventories at either a single property or multiple outlets.


  • Automates all store data uploads to the point-of-sale for on the fly changes to menu items, prices, discounts, taxes and other POS-specific data.

XBR Loss Prevention

  • Provides a way for operations to monitor and report problematic point-of-sale entries as soon as data is processed.