myInventory - Procurement, Inventory & Cost Management


The myinventory application is browser-based and is part of the enterprise product line. The myinventory enterprise solution provides tools for the daily tasks associated with managing in-store and company-wide inventories. The myinventory application provides cumulative, daily, and ad hoc reporting related to ordering, receiving, waste, inventory counts, and more. Reports can be generated by item groups, items, vendor, cost center, and enterprise. 

The myinventory applications provides unit and corporate-level operators a comprehensive solution for managing and controlling the business processes of Vendor Bids, Ordering, Receiving, Invoice Approval & Reconciliation, and Inventory. Based on real-time menu item sales gathered from the point-of-sale (POS), the application calculates product usage and depletes values from stock on hand, waste, transfers, and actual inventory.


  • Simplifies store-level processes and optimizes inventories
  • Provides the necessary information to maintain stock in a cost effective manner
  • Enables managing inventories at either a single cost center or multiple locations
  • Commissary support included
  • Integrated within the browser-based portal
  • Generates running and daily totals for all tasks associated with ordering, receiving, and conducting inventory counts, by store, enterprise, vendor, and / or item
  • Summary of daily totals for inventories on-hand and used
  • Purchase order and daily receipt summary, line item detail, and adjusted data
  • Complete overview of purchases by vendor, store, and item and other broad-line foodservice distributors
  • Zero installation at store level; all that is required is a web browser
  • Optimized for the MICROS RES, MICROS 8700, MICROS 9700 HMS, or Simphony solutions and in mixed environments to any point-of-sale system that is feeding data to the enterprise information portal
  • Completely point-of-sale independent at the enterprise level