Müşteri Takip Programı GSS


The MICROS Guest Services Solution (GSS) is designed to be a single source, all-in-one guest marketing system. Implement a Frequent Diner program and track guest preferences to build a loyal following that comes back more often. Sell gift certifi cates or gift cards and easily track redemption. The MICROS GSS program helps you build loyal and repeat customers seamlessly with the MICROS 3700 Point-of-Sale system.


  • gss-loyalty

    Guest Loyalty

    Have multiple bonus programs active at the same time, implement programs to target multiple customer groups, easily add/edit points for guests, utilize restaurant branded loyalty cards for guests, offer instant, on-the-spot awards or next visit awards.

  • gss-takeout

    Delivery/Carry Out

    Delivery/Carry Out module streamlines the ordering process, increasing efficiency and helping to build a strong delivery/ carry out business. The Caller ID feature makes it possible to recognize the calling party from his / her telephone number. Basic caller information such as adress and previous orders can be extracted from the system itself without needing recollect them from the customer.

  • giftcard

    Gift Certificates / Gift Cards

    Guests can purchase and redeem gift certificates/gift cards quickly. Track liability of outstanding gift certificates. The Prepaid Card application allows you to provide your customers with prepaid cards, that can be charged and used for paying for their expenditures at your property.