Enterprise Management


Enterprise Manager is an extensive management tool that enables the chain operator’s management team to control and manage the operations of all properties of the chain from a central management office. It is thus possible to effectively meet the standardization needs regarding POS and back office applications in order to achieve a competitive advantage under the current market conditions as well as meet the general managerial supervision requirements over the chain properties. 

Using the Enterprise Manager, it is posible to easily apply a restaurant-specific menu item, price, promotion, etc. related change directly from the central management office. Changes that would under ordinary conditions take much longer are completed in minutes, thus making it possible to quickly and effectively adapt to the requirements of the market and achieve meaningful competitive advantages. 

Central employee management and automatization of employee work plans are all made possible with feature management. Preparation of corporate status reports regarding property-based changes and securing integration betwen the central database and third party reporting and accounting applications is on the other hand possible with the reporting feature.