The MICROS Kitchen Display System (KDS) is an intuitive graphical software application designed to increase efficiency and improve guest service through better kitchen coordination. The Kitchen Display System displays food orders to the "Speed of Service", provides feedback about the status of each table, and captures service times for management reporting. 

Fully integrated with the MICROS 3700 POS System, KDS runs on standard PC hardware using the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system along with color touchscreen monitors or color monitors and bump bar. By managing food preparation, KDS provides a higher level of management control and customer service.


Order Preparation

  • Highlights alert orders in yellow or red to indicate an order has exceeded expected prep time.
  • Displays each order in either List Mode or Chit Mode and monitors time to prepare.
  • Allows user to define preparation times for both appetizers and entrees.
  • Intuitive icons display Rush Order, VIP and Void status.
  • Display features such as All Day, Order Done, and Order Recall make information readily available.

Speed of Service Displays

View the status of each table in the restaurant at a glance. Table buttons change color to indicate:

  • Table Vacant
  • Guest Seated
  • Kitchen Working on Order
  • Entree Served
  • Order Late

Reporting and Statistics

  • Captures service times for different courses at the various prep stations.
  • Generates real-time reports on kitchen performance.