MICROS 9700 POS System


In today’s competitive landscape and challenging economic conditions, hospitality organizations have to make the most of each and every guest service opportunity. Unforgettable guest service leads to customer loyalty and the opportunity to serve the guest again and again.

MICROS understands the importance of the guest experience and provides the tools hospitality organizations need to empower their employees to deliver exceptional levels of quality service. The cornerstone of the MICROS guest service solution is Guest Connection, the Reservation and Table Management system designed specifically for service-oriented Hotel, Resort & Destination properties.

Guest Connection features flexible reservation handling throughout the customer estate, efficient table management operations and seamless integration with 9700 HMS, OPERA PMS, and JTECH paging solutions.


  • The number of reservations that are available (table inventory) can be set to different levels for each week day and serving period.
  • Operational configuration allows the operator to change the inventory for special dates, events, or promotions.
  • Users have the option of creating a guest history record (adding a customer to the guest database) when a reservation is made, when the guest arrives,  or at any other time.
  • Comments and special requests can be attached to  the reservation, and to the customer’s guest history record Graphical & color representation by reservation level for each seating time/table type.

Table Management & Wait List Operations

  • Multiple, user-defined floor plans per Revenue Center featuring table and layout images of various shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Estimated wait time quotes for waiting parties by table size
  • Drag and drop seating of guests upon arrival and/or seating SMS messaging and JTECH paging for waiting guest once table becomes available.
  • JTECH paging can also be used as server pager indicating a newly seated party.
  • Large party management features include graphical merge table layout and partial party arrival.

POS Integration

  • Seating a guest at a table automatically begins a guest check in MICROS 9700 HMS & MICROS 3700 POS.
  • Coursing and check status information from the POS are relayed back to Guest Connection. The table icon displays the state that the table is in: entrée served, check printed, check paid, cleared, cleaned, etc.
  • Table status can be reset from either Guest Connection; or the POS.

Guest Profile Integration

  • The Guest Connection OPERA Property Management System interface is designed to enable users to lookup and retrieve guest profile information from the OPERA PMS and link the restaurant reservation to their hotel reservation.
  • Guest Lookup reduces the amount of data entry required to make a restaurant reservation for a guest with a hotel reservation or currently staying at the property.
  • Search for and retrieve guest profile information.
  • Establish new/update existing guest profiles.
  • Automatically cancel a restaurant reservation if  hotel reservation is cancelled.
  • Create a Single Guest Itinerary that includes the  restaurant reservations along with all golf and spa reservations for duration of stay.
  • Support OPERA PMS subscriptions (HTNG Specifications)
  • Guest Connection Profile Update Utility.

Guest History

  • A guest history record can be created for each guest that includes contact information, preferences, birthday  and anniversary dates, credit card information, etc.
  • For each reservation, the database records the date and time, and the status (completed, no show, cancel, etc.) of the reservation. Detail from the POS guest check can also post to this record, including menu item detail, tender amount, and tip information.


  • Full suite of Reservation, History, Agent & CRM reports.
  • Reports may be run on-demand or placed on a schedule.
  • Customized reports may be created through modification of XML report definitions.