Materials Control - Inventory & Cost Control System


Materials Control (MC) is an all-inclusive procurement, inventory and cost control system customized in order to meet the special needs and requirements of the hospitality industry. It aims to effectively manage all property inventory, bringing a new level of efficiency to operations.

The system includes:

  • MC Lite (all functions, single user and up to 7 storehouses)
  • MC Standard (all functions and limitless storehouses)
  • MC Web (all functions and Internet)
  • MC replication (all functions and central property management) licenses.
  • It is flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of a small kiosk or a chain restaurant; a boutique hotel or multi-property hotel chains. The MC solution also provides the chain enterprises with a centralized management opportunity.


Real-time Food & Beverage Management

  • Bring efficiency to daily workflow
  • Manage hospitality food costs by an industry-designed application
  • Implement tighter controls through out the operation
  • Daily sales data is automatically imported from the POS
  • Stock reduction based on actual sales
  • React quickly to discrepancies with real-time information
  • Record and monitor waste and spillage

Analytical Data for All

  • Numerous facets of analysis from cost of sales to revenue analysis
  • Stock on Hand, Ordering Templates and Par lists also available
  • Information can be reviewed per outlet, per property, or over entire portfolio
  • Become pro-active rather than re-active with real data analysis
  • Increase validity of data for all departments with an interface to the Back Office system
  • Minimize labor intensive month-end reconciliation and accounting processes

Enhance Workflow Efficiencies

  • Multi-level purchasing authorization to monitor cash flow and minimize overstocking
  • Transmission of Purchase Orders via email / fax
  • Enhanced B2B-Interface direct to supplier(s)
  • Implement paperless internal requisitions using the intuitive MC web client.