Protel's partnership with Fidelio has been established in 1989. The partnership initially based on Fidelio distributorship has grown stronger and more effective by POS Inc.'s, one of our Group companies, attaining of MICROS distributorship in July 2004. Protel and POS are the only authorized distributors of MICROS-Fidelio in Turkey. We provide turn-key solutions for our customers by combining our 25 years of expertise and MICROS-Fidelio’s world-class leading technology and assurance.


Oracle is without dispute the World's leading producer of databases. A solid and reliable database is a must for storing customer information accumulated over extended periods of time within the context of hospitality applications that require 7x24 uninterrupted operations. The Protel team has been improving its Oracle-related capabilities since MICROS–Fidelio started collaborating with Oracle for almost all of its platforms. In the future we will be working closer with Oracle in order to undertake new projects.


TAC has started its operations in 2001, based in Austria. It's objective is developing software solutions for SPA centers and golf clubs that will maximize the returns on management systems based on optimal allocation of limited resources. Protel combines its unique expertise in hospitality with the power of TAC's new generation software in order to fill a significant gap in the sector.


Established in 1989, IDeaS has specialized in revenue management systems. It develops software solutions for enabling global companies to analyze customer behavior and make rational projections in order to increase revenues and take the right course of action at the right time. IDeaS makes it possible to conduct pricing studies and market research for perishable goods; build strategies for identifying and exploiting revenue sources and improving competitive performance; easily project the demand and supply equilibrium and control the distribution channels through its web-based solutions. Protel is proud to offer IDeaS products and services to the Turkish hospitality industry since 2008.



GANTNER is the leading international manufacturer of high-value, innovative solutions in the areas of identification, access control and settlement for increased efficiency, organisation, convenience and safety. The GANTNER systems are based on RFID technology and are used in the areas of access and time recording systems for company safety and organisation. In the leisure domain, GANTNER is the technological leader for electronic administration systems (for member and visitor administration) in fitness clubs, baths, leisure resorts, spas, ski depots and golf clubs as well as for cashless payments. Internationally, GANTNER counts many of the most important and largest fitness chains and spas holdings amongst its clients.


Protel's solution partnership with Logo has been established in 1989. Our repackaging of Logo’s accounting software as “Fidelio Back-office” and offering it to the use of hotels is one of our projects we still remember with pride. Protel's solution partnership with Netsis has been in effect since 2002, but it will not be wrong to say that we are still awed by Netsis' exceptional flexibility and agility. We can easily say that Netsis is an exemplary corporation in the sense of proving what a confident team is capable of achieving.


Protel has been solution partners with HP even prior to the time when MICROS-Fidelio went into a global partnership with HP. We have attained the title of Preferred Business Partner in 2006, since then our partnership has been getting even stronger day by day. We will continue to offer our customers HP hardware customized to work in harmony with MICROS-Fidelio products.


Protel has been solution partners with Bartech, the World’s leading provider of intelligent minibars, for the last five years. As the first step taken towards the intelligent room, Bartech carries the conventional minibar concept to a different level by enabling you to offer a wider range of products to your guests. The Bartech sales point where you can sell almost anything ranging from a digital camera to stockings, from sun glasses to face creams, also automatically checks out the expiry dates on your behalf thus preventing any unwanted cases of negligence. Bartech is a must for any enterprise that aims to provide high-quality service to its customers. If operation of minibars has become a burden or if you are having to run minibar controls right at check-out times then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will brief you all about Bartech solutions. If you wish, we may even go as far as operating your minibars for you. 


Founded in 2002, Knowcross Solutions develops cutting edge mobility and workflow products for the hospitality industry. Knowcross is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, BlackBerry ISV Partner and Sun Java Partner. Through its active participation and leadership roles in HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation), Knowcross is helping to define standards for the next generation of hospitality technology solutions. Protel proud to offer Knowcross solutions to the Turkish hospitality industry since 2010.


Even though Protel may not be as successful as other Microsoft solution partners with regards to its sales volume, it is still a unique solution partner due to its continuous customization of Microsoft solutions for its own use as well as development of new projects by making use of these solutions. It has also been providing services as Microsoft Gold Partner since 2006. We have announced the Microsoft 4.0 CRM – Fidelio integration during 2008. We have used the Share Point Portal product while preparing this web site you are surfing and we are also using it for producing intranet solutions for the hospitality industry. CRM and Share Point applications will be ready for the use of those enterprises that want to operate more efficiently.


Revinate helps hotels and restaurants compete with a user-friendly software solution for managing and tracking reviews and media mentions on OTAs, review sites, and social networks. Developed exclusively for the hospitality industry, Revinate allows hotels and restaurants to turn online guest feedback into actionable plans to quickly respond to competition and market demands, increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue. Revinate is based in San Francisco and has over 15,000 hotel and restaurant clients worldwide.


RateGain helps hospitality and travel companies make more revenue every day.Founded in 2004, RateGain now has 12,000 clients around the globe including hotels, online travel agents, airlines, car rental companies, cruise liners as well as tour operators and wholesalers. RateGain's cloud based software helps organizations with rate intelligence, price optimization, seamless electronic distribution and brand engagement.In 2014 RateGain was funded by TA Associates, one of the most respected and oldest private equity firms in the world.RateGain currently has over 550 employees who work passionately to deliver unsurpassed value for their clients through cutting edge software products and stellar support.